Gross-out bread, underwear for dinner, good intentions gone bad: A.M. News Links

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The top item just below could just as well be “idiots in the news,” but the rest of us can be glad that the location information they posted on Instagram pointed to Columbus. The undergarments? Who knows? The good intentions? There is surely more to both stories.

Farther below (Points to ponder) is a group of headlines about conditions that are neither crimes nor controversies, such as the number of abandoned houses in East Cleveland and the unemployment rate; there is a healthy bunch of controversies, large and small; and some good-news stories, such as the Akron teenager who, alert to what was going on around him in Turkeyfoot Lake,  pulled a struggling teacher to safety.

At bottom, the News-Herald recalls the terrifying Fairport Harbor gas explosion with a story about a legal settlement and offers more about the flooding in Lake County; while Patch offers a story almost as odd as the ones here at the top, the arrival of an “Avon Lake-opoly,” illustrated with an image of “Scranton-opoly.” Atlantic City never looked so good.

Two Subway Workers are Fired after Posting Lewd Photos on Instagram (Columbus. Cleveland Scene. Don’t read while eating.)

Woman says she stole undergarments to feed her children: North Olmsted Police Blotter (Sun News. That’s what she said, anyway.)

Canadian Man Hits Pole to Miss Geese, Flies From Scene (Solon Patch)

Police say woman harbored missing boy (Chronicle-Telegram) |

Missing minor found after six-month search (Morning Journal says he was hiding with girlfriend and her mother, who fended off police for months)

The Crime Scene this morning

  • Leroy Township man sentenced to nearly six years for fraud, ordered to pay $978,000 (WOIO Channel 19) | Lake County man who set up phony company ordered to prison, restitution (WKSU-FM) | Leroy Township man sentenced in mail fraud case (News-Herald)
  • Bay Village residents complain of power outages, brownouts (Sun News)

(Depressing) points to ponder: Reputation for danger, drugs in sports, unemployment

Large-scale controversies: Gay marriage, Obamacare, bankruptcy, fracking waste

Small-scale controversies: Union fight, Ravenna cleanup, nursing home

Good-news headlines: $4 million gift, life-saver, oil boom

And more: Remember Fairport Harbor? flooding, tornado and Avon-opoly

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