Mini-brains from a vat, customer moons iPhone, no help on I-90 ramp: A.M. News Links

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Where has all the conflict gone? The region’s disagreements die down for the day amid a small rise in odd news (brains, moons, angry mom), and the possibly good news that Cleveland is testing credit-card parking meters, all just below. Businesses are growing and leaving and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration cracked down on a Norwalk firm.

Hold on to your hats, pharma: Scientists grow 3-D mini-brains successfully (MedCity News. This could end the Zombie Apocalypse as we know it.)

Woman vandalizes store, moons clerk (WEWS Channel 5 provides video, discreetly blurred. Detroit, but weird.)

No one stops to help mother saving son (WKYC Channel 3. He was having a seizure at off-ramp)
| Child Stops Breathing on I-90 Ramp, Mom Asks Why No One Stopped  (Westlake Patch)

City testing credit card parking meters (Cleveland. WEWS Channel 5)

Knock it off, Phil (Sandusky Register police blotter item says: “Groundhog chasing people; officer shot it, took it to morgue.”)

The Crime Scene this morning

Controversy today: Death cafes, medical custody battle, fight over old school

In Business: Military contract, manufacturer moving, Norwalk firm fined 


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