Skull won’t yield secret; kidnapping ends; jury hung on careless shooting; Area 51 and more: A.M. News Links

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This morning’s notable headlines include a rather expensive prank in which someone wraps a woman’s car in wallpaper (crime)
the Call & Post’s observation that white-on-white crime is more common than black-on-black crime; Davey Tree’s announcement that tree researchers will experiment in its woodland; and a who knew? moment — who knew there was a R&B hall of fame, and who knew it was in Cleveland?

Alas, the mystery skull probably is not poor Yorick  (Turned in last week, the skull does appear to be very old, but it’s on the wrong continent.)

Cops: Kidnap victim alive, suspect dead   (WEWS Channel 5)
| Mother of kidnapped woman pleads with suspect  (WKYC Channel 3)

CIA acknowledges Area 51 — but not UFOs or aliens  (Bigfoot is taking the week off. Star Beacon)

Jury hung on errant bullets
 (Medina Gazette. One of the two men caught firing an AK-47 without a
backstop last spring, when houses half a mile away were hit. They were
charged with “firing over a public road.”)

The Crime Scene this morning

Today’s controversies: The state budget and more

  • Davey Tree invites world’s tree researchers to experiment in its special Portage County forest  (Beacon Journal)
  • R&B Hall of Fame makes Cleveland its home… for now  (WKSU-FM)

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